Your skin is a multi-talented powerhouse. Your skin communicates, senses, detoxes, regulates, protects and connects your internal & external world. Your largest organ is worthy of holistic love, nourishment and honour. Skinfluencers are factors that impact your skin. The +7 key skinfluencers we've identified lie on inter-connected continuums. Skinfluencer can have positively/negatively influence skin appearance and wellness. 

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Your mind, nutrition intake, lifestyle habits, self-care rituals, emotional stability, DNA and the external environment can impact your glow. Like mother earth, the human body is elemental. Science of Ayurveda highlights that your elemental make-up is your own unique balance of 3 doshas: Vata (air + ether), Kapha (water + earth), Pitta (fire + water). Your dominating dosha and overall dosha balance can effect how you are impacted by skinfluencers.