Your skin; your story. Everything that happens in your internal + external world is logged on your skin (your diary... your canvas). Inflammation, radiant glow, flaky skin, oily pores, fine lines, scars, stretch marks and all the rest are your skin's reaction to life. 

By consciously observing how skin responds to your self-care routine and other skinfluencers (factors impacting skin), you can learn to sport an authentic ageless glow that reflects your inner balance & synchronicity.  


You trust yourself to cook and nourish your internal organs. We're confident that your DNA houses the power to also self-formulate and care for your external organ -- your skin.

All it takes is for you to make a conscious decision to bloom into your own favourite #skintheorist.

Your skin is only as complex as you. Your DNA and intuition houses resources, tools and the intelligence to guide your pro-active journey to foster your lifelong glow.

  • Your skin is your diary. Your life journey is documented with pretty laugh lines, radiant glow, resilient stretch marks, responsive inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles + more.
  • Your skin is you. Many chapters make up your personal non-fiction text. Your skin is only as complex as you. Your DNA and intuition houses the intelligence, tools and resources to pro-actively research and engage in the scientific process you've been exposed to since Kindergarten to foster a lifelong glow. 

You are your very best #skintheorist. Skin experts know skin. Seek expert

Options & pressure to alter, mask and cover up unpleasant chapters in your truth are many. You're certainly welcome to those choices. Skin Theorist Co. manifested to remind you also have the option to respectfully decline and be at home in your raw skin (if you so choose).

that you are your own #skintheorist. Your raw skin glow is a reflection of your synchronicity.


also have the option to respectfully decline and be at home in your own skin (if you so choose) AND honour your raw skin & raw truth.

to  to tune into Illness, trauma, social expectations and stress can often fragment + scatter your truth. Tuning into your skin, soul and spirit to uncover your story is critical to spark holistic healing that will be reflected on your raw skin as your authentic radiant glow.

Your skin is you. Your skin is only as complex as you. Expert strangers may know skin. But you're skin is more than just skin. It houses and reflects you and your synchronicity. How will a stranger know it better than you? 


You're an intelligent human being. Trust your intuition and dive into research. Explore Eastern & Western wellness modalities to engage in the scientific process. Ask questions. Make predictions. Experiment with care. Engage in mindful observations and draw meaningful conclusions that match your unique being. 

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step 1: acknowledge your starting point.

What's your relationship with your raw skin? Spend time with the skin you live in behind filters... The skin you come home to when you cleanse off the day's make-up.

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step 2: recognize your SKINFLUENCERS.

Reflect on your lifestyle and thought patterns. How does your mind, nutrition, lifestyle, self-care, emotions, DNA and external environment (climate, pollution) impact your skin story? 

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Your skin story will holistically transform when you hop in the driver's seat and take control of your skinfluencers that impact your skin story. Your skin isn't rocket science. But it is complex with layers & depth. So is your skin story. It reacts to emotions you feel, food you eat, the weather outside and so much more. 

If you can be trusted to cook for yourself... think for yourself... you can be trusted to formulate for yourself. The experience of formulating is entirely empowering, therapeutic and 100% gratifying. Touch, smell & feel each individual ingredient and get acquainted with it's super power before adding it to your formulations. You'll be guided every step of the way by well-trained Guru Theorists. 

A few sessions in, you'll feel confident in your ability to stir in healing intentions and tweak your formulations to adapt to your ever changing internal & external world. 

Commit to loving your skin story today and whatever it wants share with the world decades from now. Your skin is your friend. Be kind to it.

Feed it well -

Kind words. Good intentions. Better ingredients.

It'll etch an unadulterated, authentic story you'll be proud to share. Options and pressure to alter, mask, and cover up your story are many... Skin Theorist Co. manifested to remind you that you also have the option to respectfully decline the many options and be at home in your own skin if you so choose.

Uncover the many segmented chapters that forms your story is a process. It may take you a lifetime. But so long as you're committed to your self-discovery, you're perfectly fit to be your own #skintheorist. 


Our curated clean-ingredient pantry houses pure plant butters, oils, nutrient boosters, herbs, clays and food-grade essential oils to de-mystify skincare. Join us. We'll take you right back to grade school Science class.