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When ancient Egyptian alchemy meets modern-day Dutch science, violet glass is the result. Authentic violet glass (appears black on the outside), but when you lift it up to the light you'll be graced with a deep violet hue. 

Light is essential to life on Earth. Yet, the same rays that aid plants to reach maturity and bear fruit, accelerates its molecular decay post maturity. The deep violet hue of your quench bottle & elemental skincare will block the complete spectrum of damaging light while allowing beneficial rays to enter. 

Tests conducted by Miron Violet Glass AG |

Tests conducted by Miron Violet Glass AG |

Even the highest quality ingredients begin to lose potency in light permeable containers. Preserve the bio-energy of ingredients you care about. Keeping Skin Theorist Co. empties out of trash cans and recycling bins is easy. Follow close, we'll be sharing up-cycling tips, DIY recipes and spotlighting super food ingredients that'll feel at heaven when stored in your violet glass empties.  

communicates, senses, shields, regulates and connects your internal being with your external world -- a multi-talented powerhouse that houses your being from the cradle to the grave..jpg

Minimalistic box packaging is beautiful, but entirely unnecessary. Do you keep or re-use empty skincare boxes? We don't either. Which is why your quench bottle, Aqua, Flame and new skin technology, tools and formulations to come will ship naked when possible. Glass will be well protected by up-cycled materials (newsprint/scrap fabric) and shipped in boxes we receive shipment in or eco-boxes we purchase.