YOUR SKIN IS YOU. No other human is encoded with the capacity to know your skin as well as you. YOU ARE YOUR BEST SKIN THEORIST. 

If you're already in-tune with the ways in which your skin communicates with you, you're thinking... "Absolutely. I know exactly when I need to up my water intake... I know when I need to pop into my neighbourhood holistic healer for acupuncture, deep tissue massage, clean ingredient facial..." Whatever your skin is saying, you've learned to listen and respond to restore balance and synchronicity by seeking help when needed. 

On the contrary, your skin may not be easy to navigate. It may feel like rocket science. You're thinking... "I may know what my skin is saying... But I hate it when it speaks too loud with blemishes, dry patches and stretch marks. I have no idea what to do about it. I just want it fixed. Quick. Fast. Tell me what to do." Fair :). Disclaimer: Quick, fast coverups, magic lotions and potions we do not have.

Self-Love Note: Your skin is only as complex as you. It doesn't hate you; it loves you. It's screams out in pimples, veins, dark circles and dry patches in hopes that you'll slow down long enough to listen. We reiterate, your skin loves you.

Articulated Another Way: Your intuition and DNA houses resources, tools, and the intelligence to synchronize your skin, soul and spirit. With a little guidance you can learn to trust yourself to sift through content, tools, products, experiences and various experts to bloom into your own mindful healer. aka. skin theorist.